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Bauer's blade features a combination of ABS and carbon fiber Air Bond that gives players exceptional puck feel and the ability to play on any surface, including rough asphalt. Designed with a mid-kick point, players can maximize their energy transfer into any shot at any time. The RPD Recon is more accurate than its wood counterparts because it's stiff, carbon ABS blade construction keeps the blade from torquing on hard shots. The durable shaft does a feature traditional mid-kick point for powerful shots.
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A pendulum device was constructed to simulate the swing of a hockey stick and the collision with the puck. Because the physical principles of the stick-puck collision are independent of particular materials or implements, simulated swings, sticks, and pucks were adequate to the task. The goal of the study was to see how puck velocity varied with "stick" stiffness, "hand" position, kick point bending location , and preloading hitting ice before puck vs no preloading. It was found that velocity declines with stiffness and with lowering the hand on the stick and that preloading the stick on the ice is much more effective than not preloading and simply hitting the puck. In fact, preloading the stick resulted in superelastic collisions, as defined by the coefficient of restitution. The primary conceptual and pedagogical take-away is that maximum puck speed is achieved by maximum blade speed, which is the sum of the linear and bending speeds at the stick impact location. The slap shot is the most spectacular and effective shot in hockey.
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Winter Classes begin the week of January 6

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? Pro Stock Hockey, your online resource for authentic pro stock hockey equipment, has the products and accessories you need to help you get there! Our gigantic inventory of pro stock equipment includes sticks, gloves, skates, protective gear, game jerseys, practice jerseys and other NHL gear originally made for NHL players. Each item is thoroughly inspected by our team to ensure you receive the finest pro stock hockey gear possible, exactly to the specifications you expect.
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For all the talk and advertising surrounding kick points, it is difficult to find a consistent and meaningful definition. The most frequently cited definition is that it is the point along the stick that flexes most during a shot. As such, it is generally categorized into three types: mid, low, and variable. The mid-kick point flexes most in the middle and has the most power, the low kick point flexes most in the lower third of the stick and is good for quick but less powerful shots, and the variable kick point is supposed to adapt itself to the shot.
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